Country Food: Top 5 Country Style Cupcakes

Cupcakes country style? You had us at cupcakes.

We have a habit for all things country, and we mean all things. That’s why we’re mouth watering over the idea of adding country flare to a sweet treat. After doing some serious dessert research (gosh, this job can be tough) we’ve found a heap of adorable country style cupcakes. We’ve narrowed down our findings to the top five easiest and best looking country style cupcakes. Click on the cupcake name for an easy recipe and get bakin’!

Country Style Cupcakes. All you need is four decorative ingredients.

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 Country Corn on the Cob

  1. Yellow Frosting (corn)
  2. Black Sugar Crystals (grill marks)
  3. Yellow/ White Jelly Beans (coronals)
  4. Yellow Starbursts (butter)

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Country Watermelon:

  1. Red dye (melon)
  2. Chocolate Chips (seeds)
  3. Green Frosting (rind)
  4. A Sweet Tooth

Country Barbeque:

  1. Tube of Black Gel Frosting (grill)
  2. Red Mike ‘N Ikes (hot dogs)
  3. Orange Sugar Crystals (fire)
  4. Hungry Friends

Country Pie:

  1. Blue and Red M&M’s (pie filling)
  2. Tube of Light Brown Frosting (pie crust)
  3. A love of all things country
  4. Dessert Craving Family[/column]

Country Sun Flowers:

  1. Oreo’s (inside of the sunflower)
  2. Tube of Yellow Frosting (petals)
  3. Green Cupcake Liners (stem)
  4. A BBQ to bring ‘em to