Top 5: Cowboy Boots for Men

If Eric Church dedicated an entire song to them then they’re probably a must for every country man out there. Yes we’re talking ’bout good old trusty cowboy boots. Johnny Cash had a pair, while George Straight wears them on the regular, and of course all of us at Country Habit wear them to the office. If country life had a dress code cowboy boots would be the first fashion requirement. So toss your sneakers or flip flops to the side and upgrade to a pair of stylish boots.

Top 5 Boots


The second you throw your cowboy boots on the manliness will ooze out of you. Working on the ranch and driving a pick-up truck will come naturally and you’ll become more rugged by the minute. Show off your new kicks when you take your gal dancing or wear them to your friend’s next campfire. Not only will these boots perform as a sturdy staple, they’ll also be your best friend during the best of times and the worst of times. So check out our favorite top 5 boots for men to see which style fits you. Having a bad outfit just got a little bit harder.


1. The Calf Length Boot. For the style studs out there the calf length boot is a great outfit piece. The details of the the boot can be colorful and pattern crazy since the cut of the boot is so short. A pair of boots like this will spice up any outfit. When you want to be fashion forward while keeping your attire laid-back the calf length boot has your name on it.

Calf BootShort Boot Stylin'Prowler BootBootin' Up

2. The Rocker Boot. Either everyone knows you as the bad boy or that’s the look you’re trying to pull off. This is where the rocker boot comes into play. Tall, dark, and rebellious are the qualities that give these boots their rockstar vibe. We’re big fans of the rocker boots at Country Habit because of their metal toes and awesome chain detailing. With these boots you’ll be a real bad boy and a real good man, as Tim McGraw would say.

Rocker BootMcGraw Rocking Rocker BootsMcComb BootLuke Bryan Rockin' Rocker Boots

3. The Two Toned Boot. We understood it can be tough making a decision (have you heard our decision struggle?) and luckily there’s a boot to end your footwear stresses. The two toned boot is equipped with one tone on the foot of the boot paired with a different tone on the leg of the boot. These boots are fun and radical with a sophisticated twist.

Two Toned BootMan Up with Two TonesTwo Toned Stomper Two Tone Dream

4. The Simple Boot. You’re a classic kind of man, we get it. Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, all the greats are right up your alley and so are these boots. A solid color on a flawless cut this boot will match every outfit you put on. From the ranch to a night at the bar these boots transition with ease and they will keep you classy and comfortable.

Simple Dean BootSimple and CountrySimple Rigger BootThe Simple Life

5. The Tall Boot. The next time you stomp your foot in the Georgia mud you won’t have to worry about getting your legs wet when wearing the tall boot. Make sure to not tuck your pants into these bad boys. Showing the top of your boot is just as risqué as a woman showing off her lingerie. Tall boots are fit for not only a country man, but a horse loving, bull riding cowboy as well.

Jacksonville Tall BootTall Boot in ActionGainsville Tall BootTall Boots